Comic 796 - Fight free

Posted on 11th Mar 2018, 7:22 PM in No Easy Way Out
Fight free

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Morgenstern 11th Mar 2018, 7:22 PM edit delete
You use a painkiller effect and slow the bleeding on the injured cultist on the ground.

Michelle stares at the other, Thale-possessed, hostage-taking cultist for a second. "We've been holdin' up in a remote facility... deep, deep in your ass, Thale."

The cultist's expression doesn't change. He doesn't even flinch. "You do not have the luxury of time, nor the freedom to make jokes. This woman's life is of no consequence to me."

"You know he's cheatin' on you, Paddywhack." Michelle gives a very sarcastic smile. You don't think you've seen her make that face before. "Carpenter, I mean. He's workin' out a plan to stab you in the back. He's gonna take the Many for himself instead o' killin' it."

"I am not surprised," speaks the cultist, "but it will not matter. He can not stop me. No one can."

You have your old body hit the gas from about a block and a half away, loudly revving the engine of the pickup as a distraction.

You make Mav swing her head backward, slamming the back of her skull into the cultist's face. You bring Mav's hands up to grab at the cultist's pinning arm, and to try and keep the knife at bay.

...He isn't distracted, however. He isn't pained. The cultist may be harmed by the headbutt, but Thale doesn't let the body recoil or react. His eyes close for a moment, and Michelle takes the chance to fire a shot; the cultist swings Mav's body aside, just an inch, just enough, to block the shot. Mav winces as the needle hits her in the face. It's enough of a distraction for her that the cultist can get his other hand up, overpowering Mav's grip, and dragging the knife across her throat.

"NO!," Michelle screams. Mav cries out but keeps fighting. The cultist can't get the knife very deep, and you focus hard on clotting the wound entirely, not letting it bleed out at all. You move the blood that was just injected into Mav's cheek, racing it to her throat, forming a blockade with it.

Mav struggles against the cultist's knife while Michelle drops the dart gun entirely, pulling two blood darts out of her pocket and rushing forward. The pretense of Thale letting Mav go is gone; he's actively trying to kill her, Michelle has nothing to lose barreling in. Michelle throws her arms wide, trying to bring both syringes down around and past Mav to sink them into the cultist as he wrestles with his hostage, and--

Michelle gets the needles in. One in each upper arm of the cultist.

However, a massive bone has burst from the cultist's chest, tearing past his robes, through Mav's body and straight into Michelle's.

Michelle gasps, tasting blood. She shoves herself off the end of the warped sternum, bleeding out of her abdomen. "H... how... the hell..."


"I do not know how you all have eluded me for so long," he states calmly, "while you all are still so amateur." He should be blooded. Should be, your blood is in his arms but you don't feel the cultist's brain. You send a signal from his arms--

he drops the knife, and his arms. They hit the pavement below with a dull thud.

You got a glimpse of it, briefly, inside the cultist. The rotting.

Thale doesn't have red to pull from, but he seems to be redistributing mass inside the individual body. Blood and musculature harden into crude bone. Meat sloughs off and dies in an instant, cutting off arteries from each other, disconnecting blooded limbs from the rest of the mass and more importantly, the brain. It all happened in the blink of an eye. Thale's bio printed blood affords him fewer tools at his disposal, but he has learned to do some very niche things with what little he has. He's taken the same principle you use to fight bacteria--moving cells manually and changing their roles--and escalated it to a larger scale.

A human body can't maintain function that way, though. Thale's traded a great amount of the cultist's mass for that bone spear, sent the body into shock uncoupling the blooded arms. Mav gasps, cries, trying to pull herself free of the sharp bone still hanging out of the cultist. The cultist is collapsing. The pickup approaches; you make the driver slow down.

The cultist pops.

The contents of his body--mostly shards of bone, at this point--shrapnel outward in a spray. Thale rigged him like a bomb. Few of the shards make it through Mav to hit Michelle. Mav drops, unconscious, needles of bone implanted all along her back and legs. Michelle takes a few small hits to the arm, but nothing more dire.

A few break through the windshield of the pickup. One makes it through the eye socket of the driver.

You keep her blood pumping.

It's not you.

It hit the brain.

You're not the brain.

You are the blood.

The truck had already started slowing.

She's dying.

The wheels narrowly miss Mav's body as they coast by.

It takes all of your effort to keep your other self alive. The brain is hit. She should be dead. You won't let her.

Michelle shoves her hands forward. Injured arm, wounded gut, stab wound and gunshots in the back.

You can't go back in the brain

the brain is hurt

mine is

yo u're dying

not you

can't see whats

happen ing

Not you.

You are the blood.

The tires screech as Michelle forces the pickup to a stop, then collapses upon the front of it, gasping for air, crying.

Your original body sits in the front seat, a bone shard in her eye socket. You force her to stay alive.

Mav is unconscious under the pickup, alive between the wheels but gravely wounded.


Guest 11th Mar 2018, 9:55 PM edit delete reply
This is bad. This is really really bad.
Guest 11th Mar 2018, 9:58 PM edit delete reply
Damn it, and we never got to kiss Michelle.
Waddle Dee 11th Mar 2018, 10:12 PM edit delete reply
Okay. Okay. We need to get to a hospital or back to our base ASAP. We are in godawful condition and need care right this instant.

Throw the lone blooded cultist into the back of the truck for later. Give Michelle a heavy dose of painkillers and focus on having her drive, since she still has depth perception and is likely the most stable candidate we have to work with. If hospitals aren't an option, notify Finch that we're coming and describe the injuries we have so he can be ready to work the moment we show up. Prioritize keeping Mav alive, accelerating clotting around the neck and body wounds, and keeping the blood flowing around her body.
Waddle Dee 11th Mar 2018, 10:19 PM edit delete reply
As an addendum, if we can stop Jane from dying by growing back/growing around the bone shard, then we need to do that, with as much care as we can afford given the circumstances. Stay calm and focus on just trying to stop her brain from dying.
Twyll 11th Mar 2018, 10:53 PM edit delete reply
We can also do that with Michelle and Mav. If Thale has that degree of control over the biomass of the people he's fake-blooded, we should also have that much control over our blooded people's bodies; instead of manually stopping the blood or causing it to clot, we can just seal up the broken veins and arteries with actual flesh.
Mochi 11th Mar 2018, 11:02 PM edit delete reply
let's take a page out of thale's book, shall we?

we can take something and turn it into something else. he's just showed us that it's possible, and we are infinitely more powerful than him. take the damaged material. turn it into new material. take materials -- fat, hair, things that are trivial to how the body functions -- fix what's broken. remove the shard, or use it, too. eat the bone, turn it into brain, and make thale regret thinking he was better at this than us.

we are the blood. we are more powerful than some cheap copy.

anything it can do, we can do better.
Wote 11th Mar 2018, 11:04 PM edit delete reply
Let's eat it, make it into brain, and thank Thale for his donation to the "Go Fuck Yourself" Fund.
rufiangel 11th Mar 2018, 11:04 PM edit delete reply
Backing this up!
Twyll 11th Mar 2018, 11:05 PM edit delete reply
We are all in agreement. Once we're done with that, we can do the same with Michelle and Mav. Focus on ourselves first because brain damage is more imminently threatening than bleeding out, but then them as well.

Then later we get to figure out what sorts of fun things we can do with this discovery! If we can co-opt other material into ourselves, then we can do *so many things.* I suggest "add extra limbs with bone blades."
Portal In Time 11th Mar 2018, 11:11 PM edit delete reply
Portal In Time
I'm scared and confused, the discord is a mess and so am I

But this post made me feel confident enough to salvage our dying Jane.

undeadDreamer 11th Mar 2018, 11:14 PM edit delete reply
For everyone we'll do this. We'll repair ourselves. We'll patch ourselves up enough to not die and start kicking butt. We've taken a beating, but we will not lose here. We can't lose here.
lil Joshu 12th Mar 2018, 2:46 PM edit delete reply
lil Joshu

And I've been often suggesting we make a backup of brain to blood. Hopefully we've been subconsciously doing this since the thought was there, and we can rebuild thoughts and ideas.
Blue_Elite 11th Mar 2018, 11:09 PM edit delete reply
Guess it's time to try something new: Try piggybacking the brains of the others that aren't here to maintain focus/comprehension. Maybe even boost it so we can focus on all the injured at once? Kinda worried that might cause problems but we're pretty much at worse-case-scenario here.

Try to keep everyone alive and minimize ongoing damage/bleeding. Jane's body is full of our blood, it should be easy enough to just force it to move like an inanimate object (one FILLED with our blood) to help Michelle out. I... would advise against having it speak, Michelle is probably freaked out enough as is.
On that note we should also probably give her a level effect. Extreme emotions are only going to worsen her condition.

Load everyone into the truck and inform Dr. Finch we're going to need ER surgery ASAP.
If we've got anything left brain/concentration-wise, we should have Edgar (Church Raven) follow us from the sky. As much of an ER this is, if Thale finds the bunker and raids DURING surgery, we're finished, period.
Madd 11th Mar 2018, 11:51 PM edit delete reply
Use the ear in your chest to repair your brain, and the boneshard if you can, otherwise just eject it. Then repair Michelle and Mav.

Then we can head home.
Swagner 12th Mar 2018, 12:40 AM edit delete reply
Step 1: staunch all bleeding. We're about to need all the blood we can get.
Step 2: give Michelle enough painkillers (and possibly blood, if it can be pulled from the red) to let her drive back to the base.
Step 3: eject the bone shards from Michelle and Mav. Don't do it to Jane yet, we don't want to damage her brain any more than it is.
Step 4: Cleantex Dr Finch (so he can walk us through brain surgery) and Fuse (so we can use his memories to double-check that Jane's personality is intact) to remove the bone shard from Jane's brain and hopefully repair it, or at least stabilize it.
Portal In Time 12th Mar 2018, 12:53 AM edit delete reply
Portal In Time
Also, I gotta know. How big's that bone shard?
lil Joshu 12th Mar 2018, 2:34 PM edit delete reply
lil Joshu
... I know I kept suggesting we backup the brain to the blood... hopefully that inclination has been enough to where we can rebuild the brain.