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Posted on 21st Dec 2017, 5:54 PM in Ghosts
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Morgenstern 21st Dec 2017, 5:54 PM edit delete
You return to the bunker.

Michelle heads to the Mars base to check on the man in the gas mask. She confirms that he's still secure, and has fallen asleep. Michelle opts to wait and deal with him tomorrow, as she's exhausted.

Fuse heads to Bunker B to check on Jury. The other androids confirm that she's repaired, but is currently offline to recharge and get her system in order. She should be back to normal in about seven to eight hours.

Caius and Dr. Finch head straight to bed.

You update Macland, and tell him that Caius is okay. You do what you can to ensure Macland has dreams tonight, and then you go to bed yourself.

You are very, very tired.


What will you do the next day?


Blue_Fox 21st Dec 2017, 6:11 PM edit delete reply
Woooo Ch 5 done!
rufiangel 21st Dec 2017, 6:15 PM edit delete reply
Thank you senpai for the ride that was chapter five. That was *wild*.

I'd like to suggest we check on everyone in the morning, make sure we're doing alright. Check the needle didn't mess with Michelle and on Fuse's leg especially. Maybe we should all start with talking to Jury S in the morning after breakfast. She would probably need a major update on everything since Edison. Gasmask can wait, I think.
Akasha 21st Dec 2017, 6:22 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, really. I'm just glad it ended on a relatively high note, at least. Eesh.

Either way, I'm seein' nothin' wrong with this particular plan. Gasmask can def. wait, in any case. Maybe save a "breakfast" burrito for him or smth idk
Mochi 21st Dec 2017, 6:30 PM edit delete reply
we should take gasmask some breakfast as a gesture of goodwill
Archon 21st Dec 2017, 6:20 PM edit delete reply
Take a bit to relax.

As much as I would like to get to work on some more powerful golems right this second, they're ah.
Gonna need a lot of blood.
And a big tub.
And, ah. A few bags of cement or sand.

So... Yeah, get some rest in. Long day ahead.
WalkerOfSorrow 21st Dec 2017, 6:58 PM edit delete reply
I agree about the resting. But we need a serious advantage on our competition and we don't have one.

After we rest, we need to do an assessment of everyone's physical condition, our supplies, the condition of our bases (every one of them we have secure), and how our enemies look at present.

Regarding the enemies specifically:
We need to compile their names, general level of strength and preparedness, and anything they have on us. Beside actual enemies, we also need to assess any loose ends that need tending, and important contacts we need to get in touch with (like Griswald, Lydia, Jury S, Macland, etc.)
PurpleKetchup 21st Dec 2017, 6:42 PM edit delete reply
Not even a short call to Lydia ?
We're just asking for it now, aren't we...
rufiangel 21st Dec 2017, 7:07 PM edit delete reply
Fuse texted her the previous night but you're free to suggest we call her of course to follow up! Unless she's already replied to his text, which is possible!
Blue_Elite 21st Dec 2017, 7:51 PM edit delete reply
I think Fuse would be reluctant to actually talk to her after last time. :3
rufiangel 21st Dec 2017, 8:32 PM edit delete reply
I was thinking that was why he opted to text her instead XD she's concise when it comes to texting, after all!
Auron 21st Dec 2017, 7:10 PM edit delete reply
Try to make blood darts for the dart gun.
Blue_Elite 21st Dec 2017, 7:41 PM edit delete reply
EDIT: Breakfast FIRST AND FOREMOST. Gotta keep our energy up after all!
Check on Fuse's leg first and foremost. If it's doing badly already it's just going to get worse if we do nothing.
It's going to be a hassle if we can't fix his leg. I don't think any of us can perform an operation to "install" cybernetics, so that would mean we'd have to research and find someone "clean" to do it. It'd be something to ask Jury/Grizwald/Mac(?) about.

Then I'd recommend bringing in Jury (and deliver Unity's name). Not only can she hopefully answer some questions about Edison, but she might also be helpful for interrogating GasMask (also we were going to have her deal with the Dicers).
Which of course then leads to interrogating GasMask. At minimum we'd like to try and find out locations ("when the next pickup is" is moot as we kinda burned that place down...). Names and contacts would be the next step up. Actually arranging a meeting (which would almost certainly be a trap) is probably the best we'd get out of the guy.
Twyll 21st Dec 2017, 9:18 PM edit delete reply
When we wake up, we should do a little bit of meditation practice first. Last thing we need is to start slipping when it comes to our ability to focus and visualize, *especially* if we end up needing to deal with Nil again.

We might also want to ask MomRed about this "blood speech" thing. I recall that it felt *really* unpleasant and basically stunned us when we first heard it; I wonder if we could learn to do that, and have a sort of AoE stun ability. We should also ask MomRed about making a new Bab Red, possibly to use as a GPS or as a way to communicate with the rest of Mom Red.
Portal In Time 21st Dec 2017, 9:23 PM edit delete reply
Portal In Time
Chapter 5 was VERY GOOD, this whole webcomic is VERY GOOD

Funny, I had a dream last night about Blood Is Mine, about parallel processing through the Human Brain and The Blood. Let's see what our blood can do, independent of ourselves! This includes focusing a little bit more with blood speech, like Twyll said c: