Comic 367 - Open the other pictures

Posted on 12th Sep 2017, 5:46 PM in Unfathomable Hate
Open the other pictures

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Morgenstern 12th Sep 2017, 5:46 PM edit delete
You begin to shatter each facade, breaking the pristine frames and revealing the truth underneath.

A picture of Harold Hope, exposed for the fraud that he is.

The mayor of the city, chained and leashed by Macland Row.

An elaborate painting of Patton Thale with a large number of knives embedded in his back, bleeding out on the floor. There are numerous onlookers, but Shirai and Row are at the front and have the most detail to them.

You check the statue again, but it hasn't changed. Even as Macland's true intentions are slowly peeled back, the golden statue of him remains flawless.

Finally, you enter the gallery room at the back, where the large picture of Thale and Row was. As you start to approach it, however, a dull thud shakes the room. The picture cracks on its own from the room's quaking.

Something's trying to break through the wall.

Without having to present a public image--without having to smile for the cameras, and shake hands with people he hates--Macland is no longer restrained.

Once he's done playing these fools and he finally gets the power he's been working for, nothing will stop him.

The room shakes again. The picture cracks further.

He's almost free.


tor 12th Sep 2017, 6:04 PM edit delete reply
UMMMMMM, any ideas?
Guest 12th Sep 2017, 6:12 PM edit delete reply
my logic is telling me "get out now" but my curiosity is telling me "check the computers"
tor 12th Sep 2017, 6:21 PM edit delete reply
We still haven't found the exit yet.
Crestlinger 12th Sep 2017, 6:28 PM edit delete reply
If we can check the computers and find nothing of note, trash em and the water cooler.
Baeronius 12th Sep 2017, 6:29 PM edit delete reply
Oh... those lumps on the sides... I thought they were part of the painting, but now it looks more like they may be his ears from the statue in the other room with the lackeys.

We could try to push the golden statue into the back room to hold the painting in place, to give us a little more time to search...
or mayhaps the strange mind-women are staring at us cause they're designed to wait for orders... we could order them to push the statue into the back before they collapse..
Or even... we have a dreamscape knife... and a golden statue with it's back to us.
Kitty 12th Sep 2017, 6:37 PM edit delete reply
Uhhh... the bleach-blonde brigade is bleeding... That's probably not a great sign.

Hmm. We have a knife, we could theoretically bleed on it and use that to blood the bleeding blonde broads, if we absolutely have to.

Now that things are getting hairy, we could try stealing Macland's peons (from the Hekk side of things), too. Maybe we could switch their loyalties to us-- it's entirely likely that this is possible in Macland's brain, since he probably thinks of his peons as having shaky loyalties to begin with.
Mochi 12th Sep 2017, 7:04 PM edit delete reply
go back to the main hall, try to cut into the wall between the two doors. we know there has to be a door there. if we can't find one, let's make one.
Auron 12th Sep 2017, 7:12 PM edit delete reply
Slam into the middle between the heaven and hell doors. Now that he's no longer hiding you might be able to break through the wall.