Comic 294 - Turn off the shield generator

Posted on 28th Aug 2017, 8:56 PM in Unfathomable Hate
Turn off the shield generator

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Morgenstern 28th Aug 2017, 8:56 PM edit delete
You give Fuse the welding mask, and give him the axe. You check on Caius, and tell him that there's been some hangups (with people trying to kill you) but you're still coming for him.

"...Alright," Caius says. He sounds... skeptical? Confused? You can't really tell.

You ask Fuse how he's doing. "About as well I can be, I guess," he states flatly. "Ready to never walk into a warehouse ever again."

You and Fuse head for the shield generator. Along the way, you gather some of your supplies off the floor. You only have two blood-filled syringes left; most of them were lost or smashed during the fight. You also check the pockets of the dead. You don't find much, though the woman in the tiger mask has a cell phone. You also pick your gun back up.

The shield generator is still on and functioning, but occasionally makes popping or sizzling sounds. Fuse keeps his distance. "Not making popcorn, is it?"

You contact Michelle and ask her about it. Michelle is... no longer in the car, or wearing her mask. She's currently standing outside, leaning against the driver side of the car and smoking a cigarette. There's three dead bodies on the pavement, from what you can see. You ask her what you missed.

"Oh, y'know," she says, chuckling dryly. "They found me. You guys doin' okay?"

You tell her about the fight, and the situation with the shield generator. "Oh, yeah, that uh... that ain't good. If any of that bomb juice leaks into one of the hotter parts of the generator, that baby'll blow. Okay, here's what I want you to do..."

Michelle walks you through the steps of turning off the shield generator. "Maybe it'll cool off before the chemicals get anywhere bad. In a building full of bombs an' stuff, that generator exploding could set off a chain reaction."

There's a flash of white light... and the generator is turned off. There is no longer a bubble of energy protecting the building. "Looks clear on my end," Michelle reports. "Lemme know if you want me to storm the gates. I'm real done with waitin' around."


Macheman7 28th Aug 2017, 9:29 PM edit delete reply
Grab Caius, finish any business we have here, and get out asap. Before something explodes.
Because we're the devil, you see.

Also, check on Macland, if anything is new there.
I still think he should leak some eye blood, but eh.
Mochi 28th Aug 2017, 9:32 PM edit delete reply
ask her how many she took out, and how many are still guarding the front door. if it'sa number she thinks she can handle on her own, then yeah-- getting another ally in the building would be nice as hell. our situation's not the greatest. assuming 11 shot magazines on these pistols, we have 15 shots (9 in ours, 6 in fuse's) as well as melee weapons. unless we figure a way past the trapped vent, we're stuck where we are. check the cupboard for anything we can use. it's probably too much to hope for a pair of respirators, but maybe we'll get lucky. we've been decidedly unlucky so far.

i get the feeling we won't get a clear run at prophet, and even if we did, nimrod poses more of a threat than we are prepared to deal with right now. our main objective should be getting to caius, and getting the hell out. ideally, we want to be long gone before they call in reinforcements. the bubble being down means we can get out, sure, but they can also get in.
rufiangel 28th Aug 2017, 10:47 PM edit delete reply
Michelle you are so friggin' cool <3

And yeah. Uh. Still don't know how *exactly* we're going to grab Caius, though that's really what we need to be doing. I guess the only way through is the crates, since the vents are still a gas trap, so off we go to removing those carefully.

Maybe Michelle might have less trouble shoving those crates aside if she gets to where we're at, though most likely we're going to have to get her to where Caius is and meet her there. Or she can grab Caius while our side of the party gets out through the vent we came in through, in the office.

Hmm, options, options. If I'm missing anything here please correct me XD;