Comic 262 - Speak up, move Fuse into position

Posted on 22nd Aug 2017, 1:02 AM in Blood on Mars
Speak up, move Fuse into position

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Morgenstern 22nd Aug 2017, 1:02 AM edit delete
You quickly explain the situation to Fuse and Michelle, suggesting that you're going to try and stall--and that Fuse should move into the building's vents, and maybe be ready to act.


Fuse grabs one smoke bomb, leaving you with one yourself. He leaves his phone behind, bailing out of Finch's car and making his way toward the warehouse. He stays low, trying to avoid the attention of anyone on guard, but there's a definite hustle to his movement. You realize that he's been very, very quiet while you've been bouncing between perspectives.

Nimrod places his large hand upon your guard's head. The Prophet breathes in deep. "Well... I suppose that's it. Go ahead, Nimrod, and--"

"Wait." You wake the guard, forcing him to speak. "I'm not the devil you think I am... but if you want to talk, let's talk."

"What the HELL is he doin'?!" Michelle's voice briefly snaps you back to the car. It takes a second for you to realize, but Fuse is currently at the warehouse, using his tools to undo the vent cover... without his beanie, and in his visor. He has shoved the sunglasses back into his pocket. Michelle continues. "Like, I know they prob'ly know who we are already, but... what the hell?"

Fuse disappears into the vents of the warehouse. Nimrod slowly relinquishes his grasp on your guard's head, and the Prophet speaks... hesitantly. It doesn't seem like he was prepared to actually speak with the one he thinks is the devil. "But it is... you, yes? The possessor? The antithesis to Enyo? It..." He steps closer to your guard, the volume of the whirring and buzzing in his mask heightening. "It's you... truly... you..."


Mochi 22nd Aug 2017, 1:23 AM edit delete reply

keep talking, keep prophet busy. see if we can explain the whole thing with macland, maybe? we don't need him seeing our very brightly green-haired friend carousing through the ventilation system.

also it just occurred to me that we don't know what fuse's visor is for. he's always got it on, with the exception of when we went to Elegance. maybe he needs it to see? maybe it helps him focus? what the hell is he doingggg
WalkerOfSorrow 22nd Aug 2017, 1:41 AM edit delete reply
Seconded. Maybe we should impress upon the Prophet the notion that we are the possessor, but we are not merely the antithesis of Enyo. For that to be the case, we would need to be what she is not, and lack certain attributes she has.

Query being: what do we make him think we are? We could play into this faith she has given him, but saying we -- like Enyo -- are a god, would probably be bad. It doesn't sound like Prophet is a polytheist. But we could give ourselves a new role in his theology, by explaining how we are similar to her. That which makes her a goddess, makes us...what? Anyone got ideas? I'm thinking something to the effect of a third party, not for Enyo and not starkly against her. Willing to cooperate to mutual benefit, if the conditions are right. If someone has a name for that, I'd love to hear it.
Mochi 22nd Aug 2017, 1:46 AM edit delete reply
whatever we do, we need to avoid making him angry. he's still in a position of power, here. he controls nimrod, and nimrod apparently likes to crush skulls, and is very close to the man we have expended a great deal of effort trying to keep alive.
WalkerOfSorrow 22nd Aug 2017, 1:44 AM edit delete reply
Also, since it's not an original idea, but something relevant we've already been told, I don't mind bringing this up. I went and read back, and the Prophet said it would be a shame to waste the guard. I'm not sure what makes him think that, but sounds like it might be valuable information.
Mochi 22nd Aug 2017, 1:49 AM edit delete reply
that was before "Enyo" told him that she didn't need the guard any more. his "goddess" has told him the guard is meaningless, and she doesn't want him, and prophet being a zealot would, of course, agree.
WalkerOfSorrow 22nd Aug 2017, 2:02 AM edit delete reply
Noted and agreed.
Mochi 22nd Aug 2017, 2:26 AM edit delete reply
sidenote: how calm is fuse? he seemed pretty level-headed when we told him what to do, and very set on his goal. if he's dosed himself with level in the time we've been faffing around, i have an idea.
T41 22nd Aug 2017, 2:26 AM edit delete reply
I hope fuse isn't thinking of doing something stupid.
rufiangel 22nd Aug 2017, 2:36 AM edit delete reply
I know we're busy but oh my goodness. I don't want to lose Fuse. What is he doing? Can we check in on him? No, probably not while we're so busy talking through the guard. Crap damn it. FUSE.

Seriously, what does Enyo want?