Comic 18 - Play with the light switch

Posted on 21st Jul 2017, 3:45 AM in The Hospital
Play with the light switch

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Author Notes:

Morgenstern 21st Jul 2017, 3:45 AM edit delete
You begin to play with the light swi--

wait, this isn't a light switch at all. It's a power outlet.

You remember that all the lights in the hospital are automated, like in most hospitals. An actual light switch would be very old fashioned and unusual. Power outlets are pretty unusual, too, since most devices these days use EM field induction. This hospital is just really overdue for renovating.


Jimberly 21st Jul 2017, 9:47 PM edit delete reply
Well, what are you waiting for? Rummage! Rummage around all that closet junk!! There's *gotta* be something useful in there.
Inventory guy 26th Jul 2017, 9:07 PM edit delete reply
Nurse Uniform
Bloody Bandages
Scent of fresh Linens

Syringe (Empty)
Towels (Bloody)
Clean Severed Hand