Comic 130 - Light the candles

Posted on 3rd Aug 2017, 4:54 AM in Blood on Mars
Light the candles

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Morgenstern 3rd Aug 2017, 4:54 AM edit delete
You take one of the clearer pictures of the girl. You now have a picture of Jane Doe.

You decide to light the candles. It doesn't open any secret passageways or make a treasure chest appear, but the scent of pumpkin spice almost makes you forget about the huge rat burning on the other side of the room.


You check around the table and the floor, but you don't see any sign of login information or a password. Keeping the password so close to the system would probably defeat the purpose, after all.

But then again, Howler did a lot of drugs.


rufiangel 3rd Aug 2017, 5:05 AM edit delete reply
So I kind of have a (stupid) question. When we light things on fire, do we have any ability to, uh, make it stop? >_> Or is it just a one-way ticket?
Morgenstern 3rd Aug 2017, 5:07 AM edit delete reply
You can make it stop being on fire

though you can't unburn it
rufiangel 3rd Aug 2017, 5:15 AM edit delete reply
This hugely relieves me. Please note we should stop the rat burning to the floor and stuff and turning this room into an oven of death. Though let it roast significantly before we put it out. Phew. XD;;;
Xylas_Incarnum 3rd Aug 2017, 5:11 AM edit delete reply
... is that square in the wall the vent or something else? ALso, we really should rummage through howler's bedroom. We only looked on his computer last time we were there. didn't check for anything hidden or otherwise around there what so ever.

Still, best to save that after the Rat's charcoal. Though given that it hasn't moved since you lit it on fire gives a good argument that it's already dead as a doornail. Things usually respond immediately to such things if they are within any measure of "being alive" now that I think about it.

hmmm.... taking the heat generated by pyrokenisis and instead of immeately setting the outside of something on fire, putting it inside something and just adding the juice to continuously increase the heat to make whatever it is explode would probably harm the computers right next to it at this point. Not to mention the bone shrapnel. ... best to file that as something to test out some other time.

Say what happens when you boot up the computer?
Morgenstern 3rd Aug 2017, 5:14 AM edit delete reply
It is the vent.

I'll also save you a page--the computer will start, but it will require login credentials.
rufiangel 3rd Aug 2017, 5:18 AM edit delete reply
Hmm, maybe we should indeed head back to the bedroom and do some more sleuthing to get a clue. Maybe. >_>?
Xylas_Incarnum 3rd Aug 2017, 5:19 AM edit delete reply
Ah, right.

Time to put out the rat and start knocking around on the walls. I doubt that this place has a vent duct and never had a door put in, far more likely it was wallpapered over or something. Do we have a chisel and crowbar in that toolbox of ours?
Xylas_Incarnum 3rd Aug 2017, 5:22 AM edit delete reply
2 doses level
1 dose cleantex
1 photo of Jane Doe