Comic 1199 - The End (Part 4)

Posted on 4th Nov 2019, 8:23 PM in The End
The End (Part 4)

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Morgenstern 4th Nov 2019, 8:23 PM edit delete
Caius punches Macland Row in the face, and barely restrains himself from doing it again.

This is the start of a long, long journey, where Caius puts pressure on Mac and Shirai to use their resources to right their previous wrongs and help fix the city. Dr. Finch, with his knowledge of the sociopolitical, works with Caius to help manipulate the upper tiers of the city to steer things in a new direction. Dr. Finch also starts writing about his scientific discoveries and everything he's learned through all this, wanting to help the world not just in terms of the hierarchy but introducing technology to help save lives and reduce resource scarcity. Most specifically, he wants to change the way lab meat is treated, and give all the tube cops longer lives and personhood of their own. In his spare time, he looks into potential ways of bringing Mine back. Dr. Finch and Caius move in together and adopt the ghost girls.

Fuse starts to work with the lower tiers, both in restoring them from the ice age Thale had begun to put them through and in creating a change to put the lower tiers on more even terms with the upper tiers, and for mutants to be treated equally. Fuse continues to work with the Deck, helping them as they help him to elevate the lower tiers, and continues to tinker with bunker technology--hoping to stumble across something, anything, that may have been missed. He also visits Howler in prison to finally talk face to face.

Grizwald and Lydia's podcast takes off like a wildfire once it comes out that all the insane conspiracy theory business they were saying is 100% legit. They stay in touch with the rest of the group as their show goes national and they expose not just everything Thale did, but all kinds of things that other evil capitalist entities are doing all over the world. Lydia and Fuse stay in touch online.

Macland apologizes to Lydia, who also punches him in the face.

Red legally pretends to be Mine, keeping her proverbial seat warm until the day she can return. Red, in the process, starts to talk more with Mom's red; Mom's red begins contemplating a more person-shaped version of itself, now a little curious what it's like to be human. When the bills lapse and the power in Mine's old house shuts off, Red contemplates becoming a nurse.

Pierce starts making more connections with the arcane side of the city, frequenting Helen's bookstore. The two plan to continue trying to summon Mine back to this plane from wherever she is currently, even if that means going above and beyond the known capabilities of ritual casting. Pierce has some theories from Dr. Finch's notes and things the tradesmen had said about the bunkers--that maybe Bunker Zero is itself in another dimension, and that's creating some kind of interference that keeps Mine's powers from reaching this one in any significant way (or portaling her back). Thale obviously bypassed that somehow to control his other self, so influencing across the planes isn't impossible... they just need to figure out what the rules are so they can be broken.

Jury starts working on modifying herself (with some help from Dr. Finch and Fuse) to remove her restrictions and cut her ties to the federal government, believing she can accomplish more with her independence. She finally meets with the Proto-Juries and begins working with them to find a way to permanently secure or destroy Lasker (and thus free the Proto-Juries to be their own people, as well).

Zene and his family return to the city as minor celebrities, sharing their account of the events on various talk shows and news channels.

Liz makes a strong argument in court for her status as the legal heir to Thale's corporate empire. Rather than leverage his resources, though, she begins to meticulously track and dismantle everything Thale owned and built and controlled. While she plans to use the funds she acquires in the process for good (likely just giving it to other people, as she doesn't trust herself with that kind of power), in the meantime she wants to see every single inch, every facet, every little bitty piece of Thale as an entity physical or commercial or otherwise be removed from the world entirely--at least, any of it that isn't directly useful for the ongoing efforts to find Mine. She makes great effort to utterly destroy any semblance of his influence on the world and ensure that no one can repurpose what Thale's done for evil ever again. Mine killed Thale; Liz kills his legacy and salts the earth so there will never, ever be another Thale.

Liz travels across the country,

and sets fire to the warehouse she was originally saved from, breaking into tears as she watches it burn down.


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What can I say? +1
Michael Chandra 4th Nov 2019, 11:25 PM edit delete reply
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Another +1 from me.
AgentKuga 9th Nov 2019, 9:48 PM edit delete reply
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*Slow clap*

This is beautiful. Utterly and truly.
Tych 4th Nov 2019, 9:28 PM edit delete reply
Damn so that's a Finale but I think we can all agree we want to see the "True Ending"
Luminous Lead 4th Nov 2019, 9:59 PM edit delete reply
Wow, Liz really got her own back!
Reactinator304 5th Nov 2019, 1:46 AM edit delete reply
Wow. Am made sad. Means good writing.

Actually though, not sure at all how any of this post-Mine section would have been playing out CYOA-style given how accustomed we've been to acting with access to blood commands. It would be a wild write. Real good plot tho, as always. +1
Thirteen Fingered Jack 5th Nov 2019, 3:35 AM edit delete reply
What could Michelle be doing, I wonder?
PurpleKetchup 5th Nov 2019, 1:07 PM edit delete reply
GoldenAstronaut 5th Nov 2019, 5:45 PM edit delete reply
I WANT TO PUNCH SOMEONE! PROBABLY MACLAND! At this point all established science gets thrown out the window because of what they discovered. So I wonder what technology will come out of this. Also, Liz needs hugs, LOTS of hugs.
pkrankow 6th Nov 2019, 7:57 AM edit delete reply
I thought Jury already met the PJ's by being repaired. (Dropped off in 615)
Guest 6th Nov 2019, 11:16 AM edit delete reply
You are technically correct(the best kind of correct), but Jury S didn't stick around there any longer than she had to at that time.