Comic 110 - Sabotage elevator, take stairs

Posted on 31st Jul 2017, 1:43 AM in The Hospital
Sabotage elevator, take stairs

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Morgenstern 31st Jul 2017, 1:43 AM edit delete
You decide, in the end, that taking the stairs may be the best option. You could try to take over the elevator, but the amount of blood you'd have to give up--and the risk involved--is too great.

That doesn't stop you from sabotaging the elevator, though. You head to the second floor, cutting the cables so that no other weird monsters can be shipped up or down the building. You also trade your flamethrower to Dr. Finch; he seems like he needs it more than you do.

The three of you then start heading up the stairs, checking each floor for signs of the bio printer. The third floor is eerily silent. It's similar to what you saw on the surveillance footage--few bodies remain. No monsters. Whatever this thing has become, it's not just eating people... it's eating its fellow abominations, likely converting them into more mass for itself. It leaves hardly any trace of its presence.

Toward the end of the hall, you start finding holes. Great chasms cut in the walls, carved out of cement and metal. The monster, by this point, had gotten too large to squeeze through doors anymore. The last room has a huge gap cut from its ceiling, where the beast climbed to the next floor. You all take a moment to breathe... and then you ascend to the next floor.

The fourth floor is more of the same. Massive holes. Dragged stains where bodies once were, consumed by this greatest of monsters. You search the whole floor, just in case--but you're confident it's not here. You hear nothing, not until you start to talk among yourselves... the quiet having grown too heavy.

"Can't say I've heard of anything about eyes and psychics," says Michelle, in response to you bringing up your missing eye. "I've known a couple, or at least talked to 'em on and off. They all live in the lower tiers."

"Well, naturally," adds Dr. Finch. "Psychic power, as we know it, is a form of mutation. Pollutants affect the development of the brain, parts grow unevenly or disproportional... new aspects of the mind develop. Some mutants draw the short straw, and come out with malformed limbs or vestigial organs or unnecessary mouths. Others... others can see in the dark, or start fires with their will. But... but but but, all of it, every single mutation, every psychic power... it's all a mark of the lower class. Those on the upper tiers would never live so close to the bottom as to become mutants in the first place.

Even if a mutation were useful, it would mark you for life. No one above a certain tier would ever hire you if you sported a mutation. Such is the nature of class... people put too much stock in birthright, or familial relations or what have you. No one looks at the big picture."

"Pfft, of course they don't." Whereas Dr. Finch is just being speculative, Michelle sounds genuinely irritated. "You could move two tons with your brain, or cure diseases by breathin' on people, or... whatever. The rich folks upstairs don't care. You got the stink of poor on you. It's not right. It's never been right."

There's a long, heavy pause.

"That being said," says Dr. Finch, "mutations make themselves known very early. If your... blood-based maneuver were really psychic phenomena--a mutation, to be sure--then you'd have been aware of it ages ago, I would think. No... no, I do wonder if this isn't something very different.

Very different indeed."

Having cleared the fourth floor, you make your way to the fifth. Last chance. If the monster's not here... if you find a hole in the ceiling here, then the monster has escaped, and the problem has grown far beyond your scope.

Maybe it already has.

But you hear it.


You make your way down the hall. The destruction in its wake is impossible to miss. Massive claw marks in the walls. Desks and shelves ripped apart, as if harvested. The three of you slip through a gaping break in one of the far walls, and into one of the patient rooms. It has become attached to the room next door, via a similar wound in the building.


You stay low behind the debris. It doesn't seem to notice you all, not yet. Large tubes protrude from its back, filled with viscera. Beneath blood and bile, you catch glimpses of metal beneath its skin. It's been tearing apart what it can, growing its flesh over metal fragments... giving itself armor. You don't know enough about Michelle's gun to speculate how that might affect it, and she's staying silent... watching.

The monster lashes forward with long, thin arms, scooping a corpse into its mouth. It crushes the body between huge, thick teeth. Dr. Finch was right, in some ways; the other monsters were practice. This thing has eyes, and legs like a spider, and a whipping blade that can clearly cut concrete... and god only knows what else.

Your breath catches in your throat.

The eyes that line its body wander, darting, searching. You can't hide from it forever.

You have the jump on it, for now.

Somewhere, buried in its mass, is the bio printer you seek to destroy. Until you do, this thing will keep hunting, and eating, and growing, until it becomes unstoppable.

You have to kill it now.

Kill it while it still can die.

What is your plan?


5007-574in3d 31st Jul 2017, 3:26 AM edit delete reply
Dr. Finch can light the lighter and throw the makeshift flamethrower towards the monster. Michelle can fire her gun at it's center of mass (a likely place to put the key components of the bio printer, where they are most armored). She may have to fire several times, but her superhuman reflexes should allow her to hit the same spot every time, with as much as a 2% variation.

Meanwhile, you could throw a scalpel to puncture the pump mechanism of the makeshift flamethrower, turning it into a makeshift molotov cocktail.
DrBilly 31st Jul 2017, 4:35 AM edit delete reply
Those containers are probably bio-paste, and are worth rupturing or otherwise being made unavailable. If the big gun doesn't immediately fix things here, a shot at those tanks would probably be worth it.

It doesn't look like there's anything that would be easy and significant to get your blood into.

Ooh! If we could cut that neck part, it looks like a thin, maybe vulnerable part.
DrBilly 31st Jul 2017, 4:39 AM edit delete reply
Actually, we still have scents to protect us from a little bit of detection; if there was a chance we could retreat and talk strategy, maybe get Michelle's take on what would work, it might be worth it.
Guest 31st Jul 2017, 11:25 AM edit delete reply
Burn it then blast the tubes
PurpleKetchup 31st Jul 2017, 1:21 PM edit delete reply
Agreed on blasting the paste tanks. They're exposed and critical to its continued growth.
There's a chance a bio-monstrosity is much more vulnerable to poisons than it is to exterior harm.

Boss time:
> blast at least one of the tanks open
> throw the entire supersoaker inside it (or shoot non-ignited pesticide into the tank ? Probably harder...)
> deal some damage to it, so it slurps poisoned paste to regenerate
> bravely run the hell away