Comic 101 - Inform the others

Posted on 28th Jul 2017, 10:29 PM in The Hospital
Inform the others

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Morgenstern 28th Jul 2017, 10:29 PM edit delete
You tell the others what you found.

"So, wait..." says Dr. Finch, "someone's cleaning up? Like, is there a hitman in this hospital, or--"

"Not likely," interjects Michelle. "For starters, I don't think a pro hitman would leave streaks on the counter. Plus, why bother cleanin' up? Anybody that dies in this building, you can just say a monster did it. That's what I'm gonna tell everybody about Vasquez."

"Wait, who's Vas--"

"Remember the big ol' body pile that disappeared in the hall? If I had to guess... somethin' might be eatin' corpses."

There's a pause... and then Dr. Finch madly fumbles into his pockets, scrambling to pull his cell phone out. "I... I was receiving alerts on the bio paste delivery trucks..." he inputs his password, he checks his alerts, "...they... they have not come in a while. They... I... oh dear."

Everyone in the room tenses up.

"How hard would it be for a monster to... turn bodies into bio paste?" Michelle looks to Dr. Finch, who is rubbing at his forehead. "It... it's possible. Bio paste is... almost exactly what it sounds like. They mostly make it out of the deceased poor, to be quite honest. So the monster... eats the dead, converts them into bio paste... and then deposits them into the bio printer. Which can then make more monsters... to gather more bodies... it's very feasible, I think. Plenty of seemingly simple animals have similar instincts--returning to their homes or migrating at certain times. It wouldn't take a complex brain to manage..."

"So this thing is like a cycle now. Make monsters, monsters kill people, monsters eat people, refill the machine to make more monsters."

"In theory... yes. It seems like the most plausible explanation right now. The madness being sewn by this hospital's bio printer, in particular, is becoming... self sufficient. Whoever's running this madness continues to get better at it, and is clearly planning for the... well, the long term, as it were."

While Dr. Finch and Michelle speculate, you find yourself idling. Part of you needs to know what's going on... the other is substantially happier staying ignorant. You find yourself reading the various posters and flyers on the walls--mostly advertisements for various meals, deals on certain days... not enough to make prepackaged pizza exciting.

You take some of the artificial meat, injecting a little of your blood into it before coating it over the handle of a scalpel. You hurl the scalpel at the wall. It's not a bad throw, though the blood soaked meat comes flying off the scalpel halfway through the air. The dull thunk of the blade sinking into the wall, and the fake meat splattering everywhere, is enough to catch the attention of the other two.

Dr. Finch's expression strains, while Michelle looks almost relieved by the distraction. "Where to now, boss?"


Vahno 28th Jul 2017, 10:51 PM edit delete reply
We go unplug the bio printer. Now... going by rules of closest first, we should eventually be able to camp the basement, carefully, and catch the monster. That said... They might figure this out and send something REALLY nasty. Let's just go after the bio printer...
Green Slime 28th Jul 2017, 11:21 PM edit delete reply
Green Slime
Obliterate the bio printer, then obliterate the monsters.
Vilem 8th Aug 2018, 11:55 PM edit delete reply
"Nuke the entire site from orbit--it's the only way to be sure."
RandomReader 3rd Aug 2022, 1:07 AM edit delete reply
Belated idea based on a previous suggestion: It seems like it would be best to use the flamethrower to incinerate the bioprinter once it’s found.